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New version of Electronic Reciter

Welcome to the Electronic Reciter version 2.0. Click on the Arabic or English text below to select the interface language and launch the program:

For help and screen shots (will be available soon).
For comments or suggestions, please email me at webmaster@abdulmateen.com

Note: You will need flash player version 6.0 or above to run this program. To get the latest flash player click here


  • Completely redesigned interface:
    • New scan of the entire Quran with larger images.
    • Reciter now displays two pages with headings to mimic exactly the Madena Quran style (Huffaz).
    • Simple control of the recitation.
    • Easy navigation.
    • New ways to help you learn and memorize the book of Allah.
  • Users now can select from four recitations:
    • Abdulbaset (default)
    • Hodaifi
    • Hosari
    • Menshawi
  • Four Tafseer books to choose from:
    • Ibn Katheer
    • Galaleen
    • Tabari
    • Kortobi
  • Six Translations:
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Turkish
    • Indonesian
    • Malayu
  • Simple test section for testing your knowledge of verses and chapters.
  • Now you can print any part of any page in the Quran.
  • The program gives you the ability to play across chapters.  You can start in any verse from one chapter and end in any verse form a latter chapter.  In order to preserve server resources, the program limits the player to 286 verses at one time (with or without repetition).  This limit will allow you to play the longest chapter,
    Al-Baqarah, without interruption.  Once the limit is reached, the program will pause untill the user resumes the recitation by clicking play button.
  • Use the mouse to select a range from the displayed pages.
  • Control the amount of time the reciter stops between verses.
  • Select the color of the highlight and control its transparency.
  • Show or hide any part of any page using the mouse or select from the built-in options:
    • Show/Hide all verses.
    • Show/Hide first verse in the pages.
    • Show/Hide last verse in the pages.
    • Show/Hide first and last verses in the pages.
    • Display verses in sequence for memorization review.

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