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Mission & Vision

My Mission
AbDuLmAtEeNkHaN's Islamic Web Directory is a humble effort to serve the spiritual, commercial, informational, communication, cultural, educational, economic, political and social needs of the worldwide Islamic community in the 21st century. I am dedicated to make AbDuLmAtEeNkHaN's Islamic Web Directory an information portal site on the internet that is pure, clean and "worthy of its name", InshaAllah. 
My Vision
Three "i"s, "Islam", "information" and the "internet" are going to have a profound and global impact on society in the 21st century. We believe that the future of the Muslim world is dependent upon educating and training our youth according to the true teachings and values of Islam. I am dedicated to the goal of encouraging them to use their God given talents in pursuit of scientific and technological breakthroughs to become the future architects of the new global community. I also believe that I can help businesses all over the world in promoting and selling their products on a global scale. This will raise the standard of living in many developing and underdeveloped nations. AbDuLmAtEeNkHaN's Islamic Web Directory is dedicated to promoting understanding of Islam and Muslim people by providing accurate, unbiased and balanced information.

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